“There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other and the relation of people to the land.” Aldo Leopold

For me, there is a third thing: how can technology be used to understand relationships between people and the landscape? How do we describe the complexities found at the nexus between society and the environment — the center of the Venn diagram that connects human behavior, natural systems, science, and policy? In what ways can geospatial applications model these intersections and help us make informed, data-driven decisions?

IMG_9413Academic Themes

Coupled human and natural systems; natural resource management; conservation; environmental change; climate scenario planning; science-policy interactions; human decision making; participatory mapping; biogeography; environmental policy

Technical Focus

Web and mobile GIS applications; field data collection workflows; data management; data standard development; GIS in science and policy; cartography and graphic design; data visualization; science communication; advanced spatial analysis; remote sensing; 3D modeling; agent-based modeling; multi-criteria modeling